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9th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics

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                                                    Central Excursion

                                              (Paid by the Conference)

                                                                                         City Tour Thessaloniki




                   We will start our tour in Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece. The city was built in 315 B.C. by Kassandros,

                   one of Alexander’s generals. He named the city after his wife’s name, Alexander’s sister. Thessaloniki is now a modern

                   city that still reveals parts of her history to its guests.


                  We will visit one of the biggest churches of the country, the Basilica of Saint Demetrius and we will be guided in the

                  temple and its catacombs.  Furthermore, we will have the chance to admire the panoramic view of the whole city from its

                  highest spot, its Acropolis, the remains of the Old City and many other ancient Greek and Byzantine sites. Last but not

                  least a visit at the Archaeological Museum of the city will complete your visit to the area.


                 Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

                 Entrance fee - Price per person: 6 Euro


                                                        Other Excursions


                                                                                                                         Mount Athos Cruise

                                                                                            Full Day tour starting from Athos - Pallini Hotel, Kassandra

                                                                                                                      Every Thursday & Sunday



            The bus departs from Kassandra and brings you to the second peninsula of Chalikdiki, Sithonia, at the village Ormos tis Panagias.

            The ship leaves Sithonia and sails towards the 3rd peninsula, Athos.  Year after year, this cruise has become our most popular highlight.

            We  sail close enough to the shore of the Athos peninsula for you to see the spectacular monasteries clinging to the cliffs;

            but this is the closer you can get, as access, as you know, is allowed to men only! We refer to Mount Athos as “The Holy Mountain”.

            Although it is considered to be a part of Greece, it is an autonomous republic. It is ruled by the 1700 monks who live in its 20 monasteries,

            some of which date back to the ninth century.

            After enjoying a relaxing cruise along the peninsula, there is free time for lunch (optional) in the village Ouranoupolis.

            On your return journey, sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of the band on board and even join in with some Greek dancing!

            This day is a combination of history, relaxation and a chance to explore the area.


            Price per person: 35Euro
























                                                                                                                        Petralona Cave

                                                                              Half Day tour starting from Athos - Pallini Hotel, Kassandra

                                                                                                                      Every Wednesday



          We leave the hotels Athos & Pallini early in the morning and we head towards the Petralona Cave site. The Petralona Cave is located near New Moudania,

        300 meters above the sea level at the west side of Mountain Katsika. It is world famous for its stalactites’ and stalagmites’ decoration and for the

        fossilized skull and skeleton of the Archanthrope of Petralona that was found there.


        The cave was discovered in 1959 by a habitant of the village of Petralona. The famous Archanthrope of Petralona dating 700.000 years ago, was discovered

        in 1960 by another habitant.


        Findings as well as replicas and reconstructions from this exceptionally beautiful cave are exhibited at the Anthropological Museum of Petralona.




                                                                                                                    Petralona Cave

                                                                                                  Entrance fee - Price per person: 6 Euro


          Price per person: 18Euro






                                                                         Full Day tour starting from Athos - Pallini Hotel, Kassandra

                                                                                                                    Every Tuesday
























             We depart from Athos & Pallini hotels by bus in the morning and we are driving to Meteora and the town of Kalambaka.

            The word Meteora means literally “hovering in the air” and of course brings to mind the word meteor. What created this rare geological

            phenomenon is one of the mysteries of nature and there are many theories about it –though they remain theories and none have been proven.

           But as amazing a marvel of nature as these giant rocks are the buildings – the monasteries on the top of these are a marvel of man and

           seem just as miraculous and make Meteora one of the most spectacular places to visit in Greece.



                                                                   Entrance fee - Price per person for two monasteries: 4 Euro


           Price per person: 45Euro