Central Excursion & Other Excursions

Please confirm your participation in the Central Excursion until 23 September 2015


Central Excursion

CITY TOUR & FILERIMOS (26 September 2015)

Guests are picked up from hotels and we immediately start our ascent to Filerimos. Approximately 1 hour guided tour.

We continue heading towards the Ancient stadium of the temple of Apollon, where the guests have a 40 min tour & take photographs. Next on to the walls of the Old Town, where they leave the bus and walk through the Gate of Amboise and guided to the outside of the Knights Palace, the Inn of England & Archaeological Museum.

After the tour the guests will be advised on the meeting point for the return bus and have 40 – 50 minutes free time to explore & shop in the old town.



Arr    Route

14:00 Departure from hotels

14:30 Arrival to filerimos

15:20 Arrival to temple of Apollon

16:00 Arrival to Medieval town for guided tour

17:00 Free time for exploration and shopping

18:30 Bus pick up from Mandraki harbour


Other Excursions

For Reservations of Other Excursions please complete the below mentioned form and send it to:

kapco@otenet.gr (attention: Mrs Anna Maroula)

Download the Other Excursion Reservation Form for ICNAAM 2015 from here


Symi Island (24 September 2015)

Pick up from your hotel and arrival at Rhodes harbor. This boat trip takes you to the perfectly formed harbour of Symi one of the most beautiful picture-postcard Venetian village with neo classical white and pastel yellow houses. There you have free time to walk through the narrow streets, shop for local handicrafts and natural sponges, eat fresh seafood in a local tavern or soak up some sun in an open air café. In the south of the island along the inlet stands the massive building of Panormitis monastery. This monastery is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and has a charming bell tower and a beautiful 12th century church. It is a well-known spot of great interest and attracts many visitors and worshippers who come to see the Byzantine frescoes and engraved temple full of golden offerings.

Type of excursion: Recreation, Culture, civilization / full day

Should take: Comfortable shoes, camera.

Entrance Fees: Not included

Meals & Drinks: Not included

Arr      Route

08:00  Pick up From hotels

09:00  Boat departures                                             

11:00  Arrival at Symi, guiding, sponges shop visit & free time                      

14:00  Departure from Symi                                                         

15:00  Arrival at Panormitis, Church guided tour & free time                         

16:00  Departure from Panormitis                                        

17:45  Arrival at Rhodes harbour             

Return to the accommodations by bus

Cost: 39.00€ per person



Lindos 7 springs (25 September 2015)

Pick up from your hotel. Arrival at Lindos the most famous and beautiful spot of the island. Lindos is an attractive village of small white houses and narrow streets where cars are not allowed. It is also the site of an ancient acropolis from where the view is breathtaking.

After a guided tour, you will have free time for shopping or lunch a coffee in one of the many side walk restaurants.

We will then continue on to the Seven Springs For relaxation.

Here we will stop for approx 45 minutes to explore the area or have a coffe.

Type of excursion:  Culture, civilization / Full day.

Meals & Drinks:    Not included

Entrance Fees:    Not included

Arr      Route

09:00 Departure from hotels

10.00  Arrival in Lindos (guiding and free time for lunch)

13.30  Departure from Lindos

14.10  Arrival at Seven Springs

15.00  Departure from Seven Springs

Return to hotels.

Cost: 36.00€ per person


Marmaris (27 September 2015)

Pick up from your hotel and arrival at Rhodes harbor. Discover with us a foreign culture and a different continent. After only one hour trip with a (hydrofoil – Catamaran) you reach the coast of Asia Minor – Turkey. Explore the popular resort of Marmaris by a city tour and see its beautiful red covered houses surrounded by green mountains and the Bay of Mermaids. We make a stop at jewelry - leather shop. Feel the exotic atmosphere, the oriental sounds and the smell of the spices. Typical are the narrow streets with the bazaars, the boutiques, the art shops, the jewelry and the leather and carpet shops. Other very famous Turkish products are embroidery and pine honey. What you must not forget is that you have to bargain in order to get the right price! Walk in the lively bazaars and feel free to be invited for mint tea or a small talk. Experience two different countries in one day

Type of excursion: Recreation, Culture, civilization / full day.

Should take: Comfortable shoes, passport, camera

Entrance Fees: Not included

Meals & Drinks: Not included

Port Taxes: Not included


08:00  Departure from hotels                           

09:00  Boat departures                                   

Arrival to Marmaris port – Panoramic tour–

Free time for exploration and shopping-back to Harbor-

Boat depart and back to Rhodes

Return to the accommodation by Bus

Cost: 47.00€ per person