Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can my manuscript exceed 4 pages?

Unfortunately not. We apologise for that, but we have to follow the rules of the American Institute of Physics that publishes our proceedings.

Are the papers reviewed?

Yes, you will receive the referee report during max. 4 weeks after your submission.

Can I send a list of potential reviewers together with my submission?

Certainly. Please note, however, that we may still use our own referee panel.

I want to register as soon as possible in order to benefit from the discount. Can I submit my paper before the deadlines?

Yes, of course. But please indicate that you wish to register soon so that we can speed up the reviewing process.

Can I send the Transfer of Copyright and Submission Forms afterwards?

It is possible, but we would be grateful to receive all the documents in one message to save time.

Should I really register?

Yes, at the end of July we will check whether at least one author of each submitted paper has registered. Therefore there is no point in submitting a manuscript if you are not planning to register: such papers are rejected anyway and at the same time you save the referees' time.

The deadline to submit papers to ICNAAM is not the same as to your symposium. Why is it so?

The deadline on ICNAAM's website is also a deadline for us, symposia organizers, to submit the reviewed manuscripts to the chairman of ICNAAM. According to our experience we need some time to review the papers and this is especially challenging during the summer holidays. Therefore our deadline is relatively earlier.

Should I also submit my manuscript and all the documents to ICNAAM's organizers?

No, it is not necessary. We will forward all the files to them anyway.